Specialized National Accounts

National Accounts

Our focus is to provide secure paper shredding services that meet regulatory requirements and remain cost effective.

Regulations such as HIPAA, SOX, GLB, PCI, & FACTA all have one thing in common – paper documents that are not properly destroyed are a liability. Safely shredding sensitive documents is easy. Signing up for a recurring paper shredding account will allow you to keep confidential information safe and secure.

Barnett provides locked bins and/or consoles to collect your sensitive documents ready for confidential, NAID-certified, paper shredding. Documents are shredded into pieces, compacted, and recycled. All you need to do is choose a schedule and a Barnett delivery representative will come to your site to securely destroy your documents and issue you a Certificate of Destruction. With our scheduled paper shredding service, you can leave the worry about regulatory compliance to us and focus on your core business.

Barnett’s Paper Shredding Service is:

  • Secure: We provide locked destruction consoles and bins.

  • Confidential: We keep your proprietary information safe.

  • Scheduled: Service when you need it.

  • Green: Environmentally responsible.

Schedule a pickup with us. It's easy, fast and secure.